Better Ohio Teen Drivers, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation founded by Mark Bloom to address what he felt was lacking in traditional driver education courses. While a basic "rules of the road" education is necessary, Mark feels it is also important to understand vehicle dynamics and learn how to react in situations where things go wrong. No driver education school in the central Ohio area provides this type of advanced driver training. We believe both are crucial in order to become a more capable, confident and well-rounded driver.

Mark has been teaching advanced driving programs for more than twenty-five years, including ten years with The Mid-Ohio School located at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. He began doing so after a ten-year career racing various types of sports cars.

Knowing that the physics that keep a racing car on the track are the same forces at work on a street car, Mark conveys his knowledge of car control to his students through white board presentations, various demonstrations and drill and rote exercises. He is also very careful to stress that the BOTD Car Control Drills Program is intended to develop safe and confident drivers, not to foster or encourage aggressive or otherwise dangerous driving.

Focus, Awareness, Tires & Eyes - Your FATE is in your hands and totally under your control nearly 100% of the time!