• Comprehensive, six-hour program with morning and afternoon sessions available

  • Classroom on various topics including driving physics, anticipation & avoidance skills, proper mirror adjustment and airbag safety

  • Car fitting demonstration on seat & hand position and seat belt use for vehicle control and occupant safety

  • Four rigorous driving drills on a safe & controlled closed course facility

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    Slalom Drill

    Moderate speed, straight line exercise where students experience the dramatic weight transfer encountered during rapid direction changes.

    Speed of Drill: 10 to 15 MPH

    Wet Braking/Steering Drill


    This drill trains students how to brake effectively under slippery conditions with a premium on car control and maintaining the ability to steer under heavy braking.

    Speed of Drill: 20 to 25 MPH

    Emergency Lane Change Drill


    Simulating a highway or multi-lane moderate-speed collision avoidance situation, this drill trains students how to effectively use steering (instead of brakes) to avoid a crash. The lesson here is that maintaining chassis balance through smooth but deliberate driver inputs is even more critical at higher speeds.

    Speed of Drill: 30 to 35 MPH

    Spin Avoidance Car Drill


    The Spin Avoidance Car uses a device called the Drift Lift to simulate limited traction in adverse weather conditions. The Drift Lift is smooth, quiet and totally out of view of the driver. This gives the Spin Avoidance Car all the required realism and dynamics while maintaining a safe and controlled environment in which to learn and train. An instructor rides with each student as they drive the Spin Avoidance Car on a closed loop course.

    Speed of Drill: 10 to 20 MPH

  • Students participate in the Car Control Drills Program using the car they drive on a daily basis. While students do not need to be fully licensed, they must possess a current learner's permit

  • Certificate of completion for insurance discount purposes

  • Cost: $395 - ENROLL NOW


Focus, Awareness, Tires & Eyes - Your FATE is in your hands and totally under your control nearly 100% of the time!